I am already so far behind on my writing for NaNoWriMo.  First, a 3 day migraine sidetracked me, then it was a sick kid.  Today, sick kid’s younger sister was diagnosed with strep.  UGH!  I thought that since the girls are brand new teenagers, they’d sleep and lay around in their rooms and I could write.

Not Happening.  Both of them turned into needy little toddlers!  “Mommy, I’m cold.  Will you get me a blanket?”  “Mommy, I need a drink.”  “Mommy will you come lay with me?”  “Mommy, read to us from our book?”

I guess I shouldn’t complain.  These days they don’t even want to acknowledge me as their parental unit without eye-rolling.  I was happy to snuggle with them.  We watched The Outsiders movie since they both had just read the novel.wangdoodles

I was also happy to read to them.  We try to read together every night.  Right now we are reading Julie Andrews’ book The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles.  I had to search far and wide to find this book.  It’s been a really fun read and inspired my oldest to draw what she thought the characters in the book looked like.

Well, it’s now time to get dinner on the table.  My other job awaits!  LOL!



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